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USA Women's National Soccer Team

USA Women's National Soccer Team
The U.S. women’s national team represents the United States in friendlies and at international tournaments from the Algarve Cup to the Summer Olympics to the FIFA Women’s World Cup.  The USWNT is the dominant team in the world with a record 3 FIFA Women’s World Cup titles and 4 Olympic Gold Medals.
US Women's National Team
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The United States Soccer Federation have used 8 different crests over their 100+ year history. The current crest was unveiled in March 2016 and pays tribute to the original badge worn when the U.S. faced Sweden in their first international appearance.

The team crest is a badge of honor usually positioned on the left chest (i.e. over the heart) and represents the players on the field and the fans and supporters across the country.

The current crest has ‘USA’ above 13 red stripes, which are inspired by the nation’s original 13 colonies, inside a modern shield. The ‘USA’ frequently chanted by fans at matches are in the 90Minutes font developed by typeface designer Tal Lemming.

This is the first update of the badge since 1995.

The original crest used in 1913 was large by today’s standards and centered in the middle of the jersey. It was a closer representation of the U.S. flag with a star field at the top of the flag with red and white vertical stripes underneath inside a classic shield design.

The 1950 US Soccer crest kept the traditional shield design but replaced the star field at the top with ‘USA’. The crest was smaller and for the famous FIFA World Cup jersey of 1950 when the US finished 3rd was worn over the heart.

US Soccer made radical changes with the 1984 update. The design is the most distinct in the crest’s history. The round crest had a black background with ‘United States Soccer Federation’ and a laurel wreath around the edge printed in gold. In the center was a traditional shield with 6 star field at the top with the vertical red and white stripes underneath. This was the crest worn on the U.S. women’s national team jersey when they won the 1991 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

In 1993, in preparation for hosting the 1994 World Cup, the crest was updated, bringing the core red, white and blue, colors back into focus. US Soccer Federation had rebranded itself as US Soccer and the focus was on that new identity as well as the first use of a rising soccer ball animated with jet trail underneath. The ‘U’ and ‘S’ were in red block letters and split by the rising soccer ball. ‘Soccer’ was in a smaller font underneath. It was the first time a letter block style of crest was used.

The shield returned and ‘Soccer’ was dropped with the 1995 update. The shield had a new look, however, with a 3 star field with red background rather than blue used previously and blue vertical stripes rather than red. ‘US’ with rising soccer ball was positioned between the star field and stripes with the number of stripes changed from 13 to 11. Over the next 19 years, no noticeable changes were made the shield. Only the shade of the colors used was different.

The 2013 centennial crest paid homage to the original crest. The crest featured a star field with blue background and the vertical red and white stripes. The crest was slightly oversized compared to previous crest it was positioned on the left chest. The ‘USA’ was not included on the badge but there was no mistaking which country the crest represented.

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