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Beginning with a Newcastle United jersey as its lone item for purchase, WorldSoccerShop.com launched in 2001 after its sister site WorldRugbyShop.com successfully opened two years prior. Then, founder Bernard Frei, a lifelong Crystal Palace fan, failed soccer player, and former rugby player originally from Brixton, England, began traveling to secure the rarest jerseys from the corners of the globe. His commitment to quality and dedication to the game continued from there, and WorldSoccerShop.com hasn't looked back.

Now, with an office full of passionate supporters, we've traveled to six continents to watch matches and participate in soccer events, along the way forging partnerships with high-profile teams such as Manchester United, FC Barcelona, AC Milan, Arsenal, MLS, and Chelsea FC.

Even our staff is made up of employees from all corners of the globe. We've employed staff members from England, Germany, Serbia, Switzerland, Cuba, Australia, Puerto Rico and more. We're at the places where soccer is being played, and we want to bring the beautiful game from around the world back to you.

Operating from Birmingham, Alabama, we at WorldSoccerShop.com grew along with the game as it grew in the United States. We're a team of passionate and caring employees, each of us committed to providing a superior level of service. And with a staff of dedicated soccer enthusiasts, our focus is to remain both loyal to the sport and our customers.

We've come a long way since our inception. From operating inside a basement to operating from corporate offices with fully stocked warehouses. From ordering 20 balls for the 2002 FIFA World Cup to ordering some 200,000 balls in 2010. From misspelling "socccer" on the cover of our first catalog to being able to correctly spell our namesake sport millions of times over, we've come a long way but like our sport in the United States, we've really only just started. We are thrilled that you have chosen to join us on our journey. At the end of the day it's all out of our mutual passion for the beautiful game, isn't it...

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