Feel the intensity of these great rivalries!
In the world of soccer there are matches that capture the imagination of fans around the globe, games that are steeped in history and passion,clashes that stir the emotions of everyone who has ever watched the beautiful game. This DVD series takes a unique insight into the world's most famous and explosive soccer rivalries. It will explore what lies at the heart of the rivalry both on and off the field. Features a selection of the greatest moments from these matches from the archives. There are also interviews with some of the legendary coaches and players who have been involved in these titanic matches. Finally, each follows the teams and fans on the day of the big match, capturing the intensity and passion of the game on the pitch and in the stands. This one features two great rivalries of England - Liverpool v Manchester United and Arsenal v Tottenham Hotspur. (60 min.)

  • Feel the intensity of the great rivalry!
  • World Soccer Rivalries Vol 2: England-Liverpool v Manchester United; Arsenal v. Tottenham

  • Length: 60 minutes
  • Confederation: UEFA
  • Format: DVD