Confused by the numbers game? Systems of Play is a program developed to help coaches who are unsure about the tactical deployment of players. Is the 4-42 or the 3-5-2 the best system? What about the 4-3-3? Or the 3-4-3? This program will help you find the system that is best for your team with the help of coach Waiters' considerable experience and his ability to simplify and de-mystify systems of play. Included are 3-D graphics, game footage and a team in practice for a visual learning experience that helps you to develop the best system for your team. (60 minutes)DVD Special Features: Printable checklists to help you organize your team and establish a system of playSet Plays coaching tipsGoalkeeper coaching tipsScene SelectionCrystal Clear slow motion and freeze frameDolby AC-3 Digital Stereo

  • DVD Formatted for US Region 1.

  • Format: DVD